About The Product

Indian round gourd or simply round gourd, scientifically termed Praecitrullus fistulosus, goes by the vernacular name “Tinda”. It is also commonly called apple gourd, round melon, Indian squash and Indian baby pumpkin.


Round gourd can be safely consumed in diet regularly for promoting heart health. Promotes Weight Loss. Strengthens Respiratory Processes. Detoxifies The Kidneys. Enhances Digestive System.

Nutritional Facts

The round gourd vegetables, seeds, leaves and juice extracts are enriched with a multitude of crucial fundamental dietary components like carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fibers, vital trace compounds such as vitamins and minerals and a host of plant substances including phenolics and cucurbitacins.


Fresh round gourd or Tinda is best stored in the refrigerator. You can wrap this vegetable in a plastic bag and put it away in your fridge. This helps it stay firm and crisp for a week at least.