Pear Red

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Pear Red

About The Product

Red pears have an off-white/cream coloured, juicy flesh that has a subtly sweet, mild flavour. It is the finest variety of pears. They are good any time of the day from mid-morning to pre bed time, easy to digest with only 100 calories. It contains no cholesterol, no sodium, free from saturated fat, an excellent source of fibber and a good source of vitamin C. It is recognizably egg-shaped. It is narrow on the top and larger below. The sweet fruit gets a soft blush on ripening.l


Copper in red pear helps keeps the bones, nerves and immune system healthy. Fibre in it helps in healthy bowel movements. Red pear also bears anti-inflammatory properties. It may offer anticancer effects, lower risk of diabetes and boost heart health.

Nutritional Facts

Red Pear is a very good source of copper and dietary fibre.


Store in a cool dry place.