Watermelon Kiran Premium(Wt 2kg- 3kg)

Watermelon Kiran Premium(Wt 2kg- 3kg)

About The Product

Watermelon Kiran Premium (Banglore & Maharashtra range) has a smooth, dark green and relatively thin outer rind with subtle dark green to black stripes running the length of the fruit. It can be globular or oblong in shape and has a thinner outer rind than other varieties of watermelon. Kiran Watermelon has a vibrant pink to red flesh with dark brown-black seeds. Its juicy flesh is sweet at 12 to 14 percent sugar content and it offers a slightly grainy texture.


Watermelon Kiran is renowned for its hydrating properties. The vitamins present in it boost metabolism and helps prevent sore muscles. It is a great antioxidant.

Nutritional Facts

It comprises of nearly 90% water and contains vitamin A, C and B-complex group. It is also rich in iron, fiber and the amino acid Arginine along with rich supplies of potassium and lycopene.


Store in a cool dry place.